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Mario M. Montreal
Writer & podcast host of “#MONTREALISM: Unexpected Guidance For Idealistic Men In Their 20s Feeling Lost In Life.” Read my success story here:
TL;DR @mariommontreal

If all you care about is “turning pro”…

…Do this:

Do the work — every single day.

Put in your 10,000 mindless hours.

No excuses.

End of story.

If you feel “turning pro” is only part of the equation, read on.

Because it is only part of the equation.

As you may know, I read a lot.

And, recently, I re-read Turning Pro by bestselling author Steven Pressfield.

It’s about how to beat your inner demons (which he calls Resistance), and why we need to go from being an amateur to becoming a professional (turning pro) if we want to…

TL;DR @mariommontreal

Today we’re not going in-depth.

Because you can gain true mental clarity in an instant:

Clean your goddamn room.

You may have heard it from Jordan B. Peterson in one of his speeches. Or, you read it in The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield. Don’t leave now, hang on. It’s only one of many ways to gain true mental clarity. (Mayhaps cleaning your room isn’t the right solution for you.)

“The professional cannot live like that. He is on a mission. He will not tolerate disorder. He eliminates chaos from his world in order to banish it from his mind.”


The revised version will be posted by 7 June, 2021.

This article was first published on 5 June, 2021 on

TL;DR @mariommontreal

HINT: It’s not who you think it is.

If you think your real customer is the customer in your store, or your client online, or a person reaching out to you, or whatever…

…Think again.


I wait.

In the meantime: Who am I to talk about this?

  • 4+ years in sales for a well-known multinational telecommunications company (in-person sales as well as making in- and outbound calls during COVID-19)
  • Network marketing for a year as an “independent associate” (read: “idiot”) in Sydney, Australia in 2014. Fortunately, I didn’t have many friends back then. Otherwise, I would’ve alienated them all. Oh, and I also tried door-to-door sales
  • Affiliate marketing between…

TL;DR @mariommontreal

For years I struggled to get started.

No matter what kind of project or personal challenge, I failed most of the time. (If I could back all the time overthinking… life goes on, don’t dwell on the past. Use it to learn and improve yourself.)

But finishing was even harder…

…Until I learned this one simple thing:

Here’s what I learned (in a nutshell)

Once I‘m in the flow, I am “unstoppable.” The challenge has been to find the right timing to “stop” and “ship” (read: publish).

A Love/Hate Relationship

I hate deadlines.

I love freedom and independence.

It took a long time for me to realize that deadlines equal…

This photo was taken by Adidas x Parley during “Run For The Oceans” charity run in Berlin, mid-2018

I am still a “Lauch.”

It’s a German term for a skinny person; usually used for skinny guys (to make fun of their weight).

I don’t care — anymore.

I used to feel offended and get defensive.

Not anymore.

While laughing it off won’t solve the problem, I own it.

Yes, I am not at the ideal body weight.

So what?

Could I be more attractive if I were?

Sure thing.

For sure, I’d be more attractive. So would everyone else.

The reason for our own struggle?

The struggle is real

It ain’t easy.

Simple, but not easy.

Over the last three years (2018–2021), I gained around ten kilos.

Not by accident.

Went through sh*t…

TL;DR @mariommontreal


The thing is, while people create belonging through love, others create it through judgment. They determine who belongs by stating who doesn’t.”


Ever thought about our human need to belong (and be loved) this way?

I haven’t (in-depth) until I read a Medium post titled “Why judgmental people are living in a world that isn’t real” by Cathy Hutchison in 2019.

That’s where this quote is from.

It’s important for us to realize how group dynamics play a big part in us judging — or not judging — others.

So, what to do when others are judging you?

  1. First, you cannot control what you cannot control…

Word! What keeps you going, Martin (besides your writing for ambitious people)?

TL;DR @mariommontreal

Back in high school, my biggest weakness was to raise my hand.

I knew the teacher would pick me, eventually.

I knew I would start stuttering uncontrollably.

I knew I would fail.

It was carved in stone.

[NOTE: I never raised my hand volunteeringly in class, up to that point. Was always picked because I didn’t participate in class and they had to give me a grade. I didn’t want to be too cool for school. In fact, most of the time I knew the answer but was afraid to speak in front of others. In retrospect: As a male…

Mario M. Montreal

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